Arkimede Solutions srl


Arkimede Solutions is an Italian company born from the will of three managers who, by combining their experiences, aim to internationalize all the articles of their production. They have combined their experiences to create not only a trading company but to constitute a point of reference for all European and international dealers of articles dedicated to the nautical world, marinas and ports.

Arkimede Solutions is a specialized in the sector of modular floating systems in high density polyethylene. Starting from the Pythagorean Arkimede principle according to which the volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the body immersed in the water itself, we have designed and created our floats which are divided into two macro-sectors:

Floats dedicated to boating (piers and floating platforms)

Floats dedicated to mussel farming


Floating Docks

Floating docks We offer two modular floats: the 50DOCKS system and the ROTOFLOATS, for marinas, ports, nautical clubs, resorts.

Floating Platforms

Modular floating platforms for hauling jet skis, hauling dinghies and boats with outboard engines, work platforms.

Oyster Farms

OyFloat: a revolutionary float for oyster farmers. ShellTank: a food-grade ABS tank to raise clams and shells safe from "predators".

50Docks: floating system made in HDPE

50Docks floating modular system

50Docks Modular System

  • 50Docks is a modular system made in High density Polyethylene for many different application: marinas, beach clubs, resort... No limit to your imagination!
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Floating Hauling System Boat Dry Dock

boat dry dock floating hauling system

Floating Hauling System

  • Boat Dry Dock: special modular floating system on which place Jetski or dinghies and boats with outboard motors to mantein out of the water, to keep out of the water and preserve the keel from corrosion and vegetation
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Floats for Oyster Farms

floats for oyster farms

Oyster farm's floats

  • OyFloats: Special floats for oyster farms: the cage with oysters is placed on the float. UP/DOWN tilt system: exposure to sun or water is under control and is decided regardless of the tide or the location of the farm installation. Capacity up to 30kg of oysters!
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Tank for Breeding Clams and Shells

shell tanks for breeding clams

Clams Tank

  • Shell-Tank:special tank in food-grade ABS for breeding clams and shells in general, protected from bacteria, polluted water but above all protected from predators such as the blue crab. Shells will be protected, always under control ensuring healthy growth and high quality
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